Why did you pass on to another life?

Why did you leave me behind?

Why didn’t you take me with you?

Why did you not teach me to live without you?

Why, why why?

So many “why’s” unanswered but I do know why you waited for me to accept your departure…..Because you love me!


Maria Del Refugio Lomeli

Maria del Refugio Lomeli

Mi vida está incompleta sin ti

Amor del tuyo me hace falta para ser feliz

Roto quedo mi corazón cuando desapareciste de la tierra

Inmenso dolor siento al acordarme de que no estás aquí

Alcanzar el cielo quisiera yo, pero eso nunca podre

Destrozada quede, en mil pedazos, como rompe cabezas

Extrañándote estoy a cada día y momento

Lamento no haber podido salvarte del sufrimiento

Rechazo recibí de tu cuerpo al no querer mi medula

Eterno descanso recibiste de Dios

Fuerzas necesito para seguir sin ti

Unidas por siempre deberíamos de estar

Grito de coraje por no poder abrasarte

Interés por divertirme, ya no tengo

Oriéntame, por favor, que ya no se vivir

Lágrimas de sangre derramo todos los días

Oír tu voz, aunque sea en sueños

Mi madre querida, suplico tu regreso

Enseñanzas me diste muchísimas, menos la de estar sin

Luego te alcanzaré, no sé a qué hora ni cuando

Iremos juntas a saludar a nuestro señor


Sylvia Lomelí Pedroza (Tu Chivirivirin)

Partaking Passions for Alleviation

Hello, my name is…Well, I’ll go by my nickname, Chivi. Who am I? Does it really matter? Does anyone care? I don’t think so, at least, that is what my inner thoughts keep divulging to me. Immeasurable pain is preserved, decade’s worth I should say. Why not share it? I could never infect my surroundings with my pitifulness. I am no one’s burden. My conscious loathes me for I have accomplished nothing to its satisfaction. My tormentor inhabits my soul and invigorates with each ridicule. You’re insignificant, it repeats. The interior me is my nemesis and it is I who must cope with it.! Readers, I’d like to introduce you to Ivich, the “it” that incarcerates my ecstasy. Ivich manipulates my pleasant spirit and I have yet to unearth the source of its motive. Inscribing my thoughts sustains my sanity. Let’s connect so we can transmit in poems, stories, or in art…whatever keeps you rational. Simultaneously, we may possibly find that one fragment that was misplaced in our lives. Bonded as one we can generate progressive positive energy.